[PAID][ESX] Humane Robbery

Hello everybody
I bring you here today a different script to steal humane.


  • Cooperative robbery (You and your friends can participate actively in the rob)
  • Compatible with onesync
  • In order to steal you must find the access cards first. All of that is made using server side natives.
  • It’s full configurable. Items you give and money, also you can add more card positions.
  • Random card positions on every rob.
  • Not Ip Locked or obfuscated.


  • ESX


You can get on: https://avililla.tebex.io/package/4521545

If you have some issues or something, please let me know. Thanks for the support.


Looks amazing! Nice work :heart: :fire:

[Release][ESX][Paid] Humane Labs Robbery - FiveM Resource Development & Modding / Releases - Cfx.re Community

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Hello i understand you is humane robbery but it,s not the same idea or code. If you want i can show the config file and you will find the difference but thanks for all.:grinning:

so what makes yours worth buying ??

Hello, It’s different in the oher one you go to points and only you can go to the points, in my script all people can participate finding the cards and robbing and also is cheaper if you want to buy it.

Hi! I bought your script yesterday and I have problems with it.
I’m trying to contact you in discord to see if you can help me :frowning_face:

I followed your README txt and the instructions of the script and it doesn’t work, I have this errors on the f8 console.
I would be grateful if you give me your help to be able to find the solution :pray: ¡Thanks! [espero una respuesta lo mas pronto posible]


Hello, sorry about the problem.
The problem is in fxmanifest when importing locale because im using extendedmode and not es_extended. The way you can fix that is changing this ‘@extendedmode/locale.lua’ into this’@es_exteded/locale.lua’ in both sides, client and server side.

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Thanks for your reply :grin: everytihing is nice and updated and it works ^^ thank you so much!! :relaxed:

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