[PAID] [ESX] Gold reserve robbery

New bank robbery, distinctive robbery steps, and wonderful interaction between robbers and police

you’ve to override the connection between the bank and police witch is will give you the time required for the rob !

after cracking the connection you must open the glass gate safely without any errors so the main gate would be available for entrance !

then you’ve to override the fingerprint authentication to break in Bank treasury!!

after you do , you’ll be able to take the gold & cash !!

don’t miss that Police have the power to lock the whole Vault & Bank doors from a very important Computer so make sure to cover this area or you’re a Mouse in the trap!!

you need an item for every single try in Hacks ! if you’re not smart enough this rob will cost you alot xD

  • mHacking Minigame (free on GitHub / link in my readme too)

  • UTKU FingerPrint & Datacrack Minigame (free on GitHub / link in my readme too)

  • UTKU utk_ornateprops (free on GitHub / link in my readme too)

  • Bank MLO (free on Fivem/ link in my readme too)

Script is open sourced - not encrypted

  • Almost everything is configurable and video should speak for itself!

showcase : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c37yUA4U-Y
Purchase : here
Price is only 14.99€ till 10 June!


You should have a longer video !

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Working on next update and i will consider this, thank you @GRZ_DEV

Why there is soo many dependecies If its a paid resource?

and why not? :smiley:

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Please join Discord to get your role after purchase then you can get the Passcode

This should not be a requirement, people should receive their download upon purchase.

The different dependecies is for the different hacking minigames, but 25€ for this is way too expensive.

Will be considered, thanks for mentioning

Done now! Thanks for mentioning

at first i was hesitating but i’ve purchased it and i kinda like the support and quick response , nice script m8 keep going <3

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Good evening, with the script are the mapping and the hacking tool available if we don’t have these tools on our server?

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Yes maxime, all links are in readme, ticket system to support you if you don’t know how to setup.

Ok Think’s you

Last question, has it been updated to esxv1? if not, would it be possible to do so?

Yes and there’s config side that handle this.

Good evening, after downloading the script, I realized that the mapping of the bank makes me crash in a certain place? will you have the solution? Because as soon as this mapping is removed and server cache empty the error is repaired

Please contact me with screenshot from the errors you have so i can help you.

perfect thank you, I will do this to you as soon as possible

these that of ortiz and by wanting to work on it I had his, 2nd possible error