[PAID] [ESX] Gold reserve robbery [Aug offer]

and as soon as I am in the car near avenue 7153 I crash out of this location is not at all near the mapping

Currently investigating with a mapper .

Ok thinks you

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Hello, could you have found the solution to this error?

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We’re waiting a confirm from releaser and for one more step I’m contacting a private mapper to offer a fix for releaser.
Kindly check readme onemore time and make sure all is good as per all is well with all.

Ok thanks, i just checked readme and still the same. waiting for your solution have a good day

so you think the script is dead?

No the script isnt dead. Just the map that it uses causes texture loss and crashes. The script with its dependencies work 100% fine

Do you have any idea how to solve it?

atm, there is no solving it unless the mlo gets looked at

Many props on the map do not work!

Kindly open a ticket in discird so i van give you the support, also we’re contacting the map releaser to off a fix for him, thankyou

Map fix has been sent to you guys and avail on discord now, thanks for your patience all .

this dont even work