[PAID] [ESX] Fully Custom Gang Leaderboard

About This Script
This is a Gang Leader board Script made fully from scratch. Tired of having a boring server with no cool features/addons? Well, this script is perfect for you! We also made it cheap and affordable to make it easy to buy. It displays a player leader board and a gang leader board as shown in the image bellow. It also displays your name, position, kills, deaths, K/D, and headshots. It is easy to use and setup as well. This script can be used for any ESX server but is usually for gang themed servers.

SQL Database for saving data.
Cheap price.
Makes your server fun to play!
Easy to use and setup.
A different and unique script.

Price of This Script
$20 - https://fully-custom.tebex.io/package/5308861

Code is accessible Yes (HTML and Config)
Subscription-based No (One Time Purchase)
Lines (approximately) 3000
Requirements esx_gangs (free download included)
Support Yes (Lifetime Support Included)
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It’s not funny anymore, I’ve seen this post 3 times already :triumph:

it’s not supposed to be a joke, im dead ass selling the script

if you aint write the script take it down fam.