[PAID][ESX] Farmer Simulator 2021

Here is a Farmer Job script that is optimized and makes your server as immersive as possible
If you need help, check readme.md in the github repo!



  • ESX . platform support
  • Job has been Vietnameseized and fully fixed 100%
  • fine tuning the car and reasonable money
  • Fix Full 100%
  • Optimize Code

Farming Simulator 2021 - Youtube

Buy Here
Farming Simulator 2021 - Tebex.io

Note : Anyone who has paid on tebex please contact me via this discord : 🔥Developer - FiveM Việt Nam🔥 and create a ticket in which I will send the file there

Resmon while on job?

this is a STOLEN SCRIPT, original script is below.
Do not buy

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what is the difference between this and this; [Update] Farmer Job, For All Framework ?

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yeah i see

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So basically, he bought or leached the script, changed it to Vietnamese, and is reselling it. Wow, the nerve of some people.

Hopefully mods will remove this and report it to tebex.

In the meantime, I’m waiting to see someone ask for it to get an English translation LOL


Nice stolen script man.

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Please send a copy of your resource to moderators group for approval

Hello, I bought your script but I received nothing

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If I were you, I would turn him in to both Cfx and Tebex for fraud and try to get your money back.


Ok ty

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oh sorry i forget I replied to you in the message

oh i’m sorry man

who bought mine try to send me a message