[PAID][ESX]Custom Bullet Affects


I’m very excited to say that today I present my first 5M resource, this resource currently contains 4 different bullet types(might add more) that I believe can bring a lot of fun opportunities for the players on your 5M server.

Tested on ESX LEGACY and ESX v1.final


Video Preview

Fully customizable effects and duration of effects [Config File]

The bullets types are the following

Vehicle Tracking Bullets


Configurable Tracking Time

Works on ped and player vehicles

Vehicle Disabling Bullets


Configurable vehicle disability time

Progressive disability not instant

Works on ped and player vehicles

Paralyzing Bullets


Configure the time that the player experiences paralysis

Poisonous Bullets


Change effect applied by bullets

Change duration that the effect is applied

Update v1.1: Fixed bug that caused the player shooting the gun to become paralyzed
Update v1.2: Fixed bug that caused the player shooting to become poisoned also switched
the SQL item names and lastly optimized the script slightly

Updatev1.3:Update to the download system moved to new tebex system

NOTE: If you purchase ANY of my scripts and ever want me to release code snippets I have no problem doing so but you must contact me privately


You should add the “paid” tag

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Much appreciated thank you for the information my guy I thought they meant to put “paid” in the title

haha cool idea! i love the concept behind the vehicle tracking bullet

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Thank you for the comment feel free to let me know of any other type of bullets you might want to see added to the script :grinning:

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this unobfuscated so that i can conver this to qbcore?

Hey man, thank you for the comment, and yes the entire script is plaintext.

Placed an order for the Bullet Affects and it did not send me the files

Hey, @Wollffus let me check the link for you right now.

Hey so I updated the link let me know if you got the updated one

It has not sent me any files, I sent you an email with transaction number etc can you forward the files. Really want to play around with this

Hey so fiveM had a large update for tebex sellers so you can find more information here

If you are to follow the instructions here you will be able to find the download link

Still have not received my product from this seller. Went to the information link above and I dont want to encrypt my files, i want the file i paid for. It also says there is a tab for files paid for but its empty. I bought cs-video and this script at the same time, and i got the email for my cs-video script … So please, can i just get the resource i paid for

I apologize for the delay in receiving the script I was unaware of the new official 5M Tebex system that was implemented literally today so my download link was no longer valid I sent you an email.

Can you be so kind to check again and see if the script appears under the “Purchased assets” tab when you visit this link https://keymaster.fivem.net/

it does not, I uploaded a file and the only thing that shows up in purchased now is the file i uploaded. Either way i got your email, thank you

can you please make a qbcore version
also like bullets that go through vest