[PAID][ESX] Crafting System | Easy to add new recipes and factories

Crafting System made by coRtyTV

A simple script for a crafting system written in LUA & HTML & JAVA


  • Easy adding new production recipes
  • Easy adding new factory spots
  • Supports english and german
  • Crafting with configurable html
  • Each factory can have unique recipes
  • Adding illegal or legal factory (example drug factory & ressource factory)
  • if neccessary you can configure that player have to pay black_money for illegal crafting

Price: 5,94 €
Buy here: Tebex.io
Preview: Youtube





  • Unzip the ctv_crafting folder and drag it to your “resources” folder
  • Add “start ctv_crafting” to your server.cfg
  • For the animation and notifications you needs “mythic_notify” and “mythic_progbar”
  • Add “start mythic_notify” and “start mythic_progbar” to your server.cfg
  • Import the sql file “fabric_recipe.sql” into your database
  • Add new recipes like the example with gold_ingot
  • Important!: Every item / ingredient have to be in the SQL-Datatable “items”, otherwhise it won’t work
  • If you want to configure the crafting menu, feel free to use the css file (client/html/css)
  • If you want to use the script in english, you can use the crafting menu in english as well. Change the index_en.html into index.html (client/html)


  • Open “config.lua” and configure the script like you want
  • Config.Locale → Actually only german and english available
  • Config.RequireCops → How many cops are required to farm illegal, set to 0 to allow always
  • Config.ShowBlips → Show the blips at the map
  • Config.EnableESXService → If you are using the esx_service for factions
  • Config.AllowDuty → Allow to farm while being duty in faction

How to add a new fabric

  • First copy an existing fabric in the folder “client/fabric”
  • Change the following lines:
    • Config.Fabric.FACTORYNAME (for example Config.Fabric.food)
    • BlipInfos (Sprite & Color)
    • Line 7: example Production = { into Food = { (Important for the database)
    • BlipPos (Where should be the Blip)
    • Pos (where the marker should be)
    • Blip = (set to true if you want to show the blip, be sure that Config.ShowBlips is true)
    • Type = set it to “legal” or “illegal” (whatch Config.RequireCops if set to illegal)
    • Name = set the name of the Blip
    • Hint = Notification for if you stay in the marker
    • GPS = Necessary to get the GPS navigation on the map

How to add a new recipe

  • Add a new database record
    • fabric: Must be to the same in the fabric file in Line 7 (example Food)
    • name: This is the name of the item in the database (example orange_juice)
    • label: This is the name of the label in game (example orange juice)
    • ingredients: Here you can type many ingredients like you want (example “orange”:2, “bottle”:1, “water”:1) IMPORTANT: hold the SYNTAX like the existing example in the database
    • amount: How many products you wanna craft in one time

I have a new price - now only 5,94 €. Just for a short time!

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At the processor, if I enter -100, I get the items that I need without being deducted
100 items of what is the end product of production into inventory

is there already a fix? if not please fix !!