[PAID/ESX] CollisionRealism Pro [Advanced Accidenteffect]

Hey FiveM Community!

Experience unparalleled realism in vehicle collisions with our latest AccidentEffect Script for FiveM. Designed to simulate real-life accidents, this highly configurable script adds a new layer of immersion to your roleplaying experience.

Key Features:

  • Airbag Deployment: Witness the realism as airbags deploy upon impact, providing an extra layer of safety for occupants.
  • Dynamic Entrapment System: In the event of a severe collision, drivers and passengers can become entrapped* in the vehicle, simulating the need for rescue operations by emergency services. Exit from the vehicle is restricted until freed by emergency personnel or the seatbelt is severed.
  • Highly Configurable: Tailor the script to match the level of realism and immersion desired for your server. Adjust parameters such as collision intensity, airbag deployment threshold, and entrapment probability to suit your preferences.
  • Seamless Integration: No additional scripts required. Our AccidentEffect Script seamlessly integrates into your existing FiveM server, enhancing the gameplay experience without hassle.

How it Works:

Upon collision detection, the script evaluates the severity of the impact. If deemed significant, it triggers the deployment of airbags and evaluates the probability of entrapment for the occupants. Entrapment restricts the ability of drivers and passengers to exit the vehicle until rescued by emergency services or the seatbelt is severed.

Get Started:

Upgrade your FiveM server with our Advanced AccidentEffect Script today and elevate your roleplaying experience to new heights of realism and immersion.

Get it now: https://scripts-by-erwinat.tebex.io/package/6254624

Price: 9,99€ + Tax

Watch CollisionRealism Pro - Random Death | Streamable (Random Death on severely crash)
Watch CollisionRealism Pro - Airbag deployment + Entrapped in vehicle | Streamable (Airbag deployment on crash + entrapped*)

Support: >>Scripts by {ErwinAT}; (only with providing of tebex-transaction id)

*Forced first person view and most inputs are blocked. Exit impossible!

QB Version is in the making…

Change logs:

V1.0.1 - Added custom event functions (see events.lua)
- Added compatibility for ox_inventory

Code is accessible only config
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~1000
Requirements No Requirements
Support Yes

Any preview?

only for car?

Will upload today :slight_smile: - uploaded!

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For every ground vehicle (also mower I guess), but I will do a blacklist for some models soon

need to know for bike because we already buy different

Let’s discuss on dm

not work on ESX at all

no refund

no tebex

no support

this is how i feel after paying without reciving support

Now that we understand why you want discuss on Discord I wanna share that this script doesn’t work on ESX, also in a fresh started server. There isn’t any support from GrazX that also ask extra price for make it work on motorcycles too. He want money direct from Paypal from family or friends and after he send a fully useless encrypted script he doesn’t provide any refund.

We discussed your requirements on dm. Everything is working fine as you can see on the showcase I provided you. :slight_smile: I told you may there is another script on your server which isn‘t compatible. Script was sold via tebex as usually. Don‘t spam my topic if you even not able to provide any correct information about your issue.

You request an extra so you have to pay the extra. Idk why your mate was sending via „friends and family“. I never(!) ask about to do.

And about support: excuse me, that I not answered you after 11pm last night :monkey_face:

1)I sent u a video with the problem, i also installed the script in a fresh server, and it doesnt work, so i think u have to double check, if the problem is from your side, by installing the script on a new fresh server and check.
2)i paid with paypal and if u need proof (moderator of cfx) we will send transaction id, after he sent me the asset on tebex.
3)the support is bad because you dont support the player, because if u really want to support the play, u can easy help to install them.
4)pay attention to what u write because is not elegible.

p.m. i paid for a script and for the support, and the developer ban me from his discord, deleting me the opportunity to gain support.