[PAID][ESX] Broker Revivestation

Webhooks for Logs

Price: 6.50 + TAX
buy it here

→ Code is accessible | Only 1 file not accessible but there are basic funtions
→ Subscription-based | No
→ Lines (approximately) | LUA abt. 135
→ Requirements | ESX
→ Support | Yes


Can we get some clarification from @Joonab on this “Code is accessible” business? Devs seem to be skirting the purpose of this by saying “Yes, some of the code is accessible”. To me, this is meant to state if “All of the code is accessible” or “All of the code isnt accessible”. Personally, I prefer not to buy any Escrow’d scripts, so this template is very handy at a quick glance, but not when devs aren’t using it correctly. It seems like devs are repeatedly confused about this part, like the multijob from yesterday.

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I won’t be hijacking this topic to continue this conversation. Feel free to create topic elsewhere, or DM me about this. Though, I’m probably not the right person to explain how this should work.

What does @Joonab have to do with the code?