[PAID][ESX] Brewery Job - Make Refreshing Beer!

[ESX] Brewery Job - Make Refreshing Beer!

• Script is optimized and tested, also it isn’t IP Locked or encrypted!
• Benchmarks = ~0.03 - ~0.06
• In the package you will get a map where everything is already set up, if you want to change it to whatever map you wan’t it can be done via de Config file included!
• Also you will get a replacement for a trailer for which the pallets will be loaded on.


(Pictures viewable in the Tebex webstore)

Easy Configuration:

Thanks Kevin for designing the map interior with me <3

Price: €12.10 (incl. tebex fees)

Feel free to leave feedback right down below!

PS the map is a reworked map!
Link to original map: Workshop Warehouse - GTA5-Mods.com

BUGFIX v1.0:
• Fixed a bug where vehicles won’t spawn sometimes (still has problems)
• Fixed a bug where upon selling it takes your cash and puts it into the society

BUGFIX v1.1:
• Fixed a bug where pallets won’t spawn in.


cool looking release, but the map could need more details

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Thanks for the feedback, the release isn’t much focused on the map. Its more like a extra you get with it! :wink:

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You can use polyzones to bring the resource times to 0.00-0.01ms if you want to be super optimized about it.

I don’t use esx but either way the map and idea look good.

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I will definitly check that out, thanks for the feedback!

Nice script!

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just bought the script, but havent recieved any download link in mail?

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It should give you a link, let me get that fixed for you. You can add my discord via the tebex!

This has been sorted out and fixed within Tebex, thanks for the purchase and feedback!

What do you do with the beer once it is loaded? Would have loved to see that part.

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You go ahead and sell it (location is set in config). For our server we supply our restaurants with it as well! Thats only one function i can’t place in cause not all servers has bars / restaurants!


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Hello just bought your script.
There is some errors accrued to me.

  1. There is no transport spawns.
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does the vehicles.meta file only have metas for the trailer? or is it for a bunch of cars? looking it over and slightly confused want to change the name so it doesnt replace.
Just purchased the script

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It is indeed only for the trailer

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I believe my reaction has been removed by the administrators, via the Tebex you can see my contact information. Please do contact me for support.

can i easily rename, the trailer? just trying to figure out where to change name in the meta.

Well i know you can change the resource name, bur further then that i’m not sure what and how you can change the rest!

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super confused cause i look at the meta, and see vehicles including blista, bus, boat trailer, asea, asea2, army tanker, army trailer, army trailer2, freight trailer, coach, air bus, air tug, abulance , barracks, barracks2, hot knife, i mean i could go on forever. But I dont want to a metafile in that is gonna change a bunch of other vehicles.

Any way to know specially and the rest i can ditch?

Its almost as if this meta file is from a glob?

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Im sorry i think i forgot to remove the rest of the merge, you can delete everything that isnt associated with the trailer. Sorry for the inconvenience :grimacing::sweat_smile: