[PAID] [ESX/Any framework] high-phone | Truly one of the best looking phones!

wow this looks very promising! Are there plans for future apps? Great work!

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Yeah, there will be many apps added in the future.

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Hey Mate
I was wondering if the option to devolp our own apps would be avaliable for this phone?

i dont think you can. as its encrypted

Yes you can, everything you need for adding new apps is there. [Adding new files, adding the app in the config file, etc]

Partly encrypted, you can fully edit the design.

Any update on the web hook for twitter to allow pics? Or can I create like an Instagram app where users can post pictures that get sent to Discord channel?

Ohh you mean do twitter images get sent to the webhook? Yeah they do, I’m also working on things like ads app, posting/sending images from your phone gallery, etc…

Look out for black friday sale! It will start on November 25th 22:00 PM and will end on November 27th 21:00 PM! UTC time.
The phone will receive a -20% off discount! As well as another resource that is coming soon! :eyes:

Black friday sale is UP! As well as huge updates coming soon!

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