[PAID][ESX] Advanced Drugs + Corner Holding System

sorry, not

This script rules. Question - What does ‘kosetut’ and ‘kosetutiptal’ translate to in english? Google translate seemed a bit confused. Thanks!

/cornerholding [count]

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When paying for the script it kept getting declined. I really wanted it

Does the money wash clean dirty money and turn it into cash?

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Yes sir

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is it ip lock??? want for me and 1 friend ^^

There is no encryption or licensing system

Anyone know how to fix this… Meth Bins don’t appear…

The Cocaine, weed, and laundry all appear fine.

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Hello, you can find the links in the requirements section. Thank you.

IPL issue if you haven’t figured it out already. It’s likely your IPL is set to load the empty warehouse instead of the one with all the equipment. Some IPL Loaders come with tons of comments in the files to outline which IPL is responsible for what. Try messing with that.

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thank you for helping!

Absolutely - and curious - you list both bob74ipl and fivem-ipl as dependencies. Do you mean for players to run both, or 1 or the other? It reads as both, which I think it’s meant to be either or :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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