[PAID] Enhanced Driveby Animations (Custom Clipset Pack, Scripted Cameras, and More)

Make sure the layout name is spelled correctly and all uppercase

For some reason I cannot disable the custom camera. I can disable it for the driver but when the passenger aims the custom camera gets enabled which I do not want. When I set the camera mode to zero, every cars camera gets stuck in one place. Any fix for this?


The script crashes my game :frowning:

is assaults and shotguns able to be used out the window also

Did you edit the clip_set.xml?

Not yet but they will be in a future update.

Do you have useCamAlways and autoActivate both set to false?

i think i got it workin but everytime i go to aim out the window my guy just keeps goin out the window and back into the window…?

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That sounds like you might have another driveby, or anti-seat shuffle, script installed. If there was no driver then the issue should be fixed once there is a driver seated.

yeah thanks it was a shuffle deal is there a way to shuffle with this script?

im running into some vehicles with layouts that dont work with the layouts givin like what would i change LAYOUT_RANGER_SANDKING this too?

I think that has seats in the truck bed so I would try LAYOUT_DELTA_PICKUP

But since it’s a large vehicle it might need a new layout created for it using the sandking entry/exit and seat animations.