[Paid] DrugToSell

This is not your normal Drug selling script. But a script that uses cutscene to help your RP to be more interractive.

How does it work?

You start by talking to the first NPC and select what kind of drug you want to sell (right away or later) Here you wil get a message with a preset voicechat, that can be stream with “interractivesounds” (the voice is not english but danish ) You will also get a GPS to the selected drug location. There you will find the contact for the selected drug (Martin / Trevor) And when you want, you can sell the drug they want. When you begin to sell, one of the x amount of cutscenes begins and after that you will no longer have the drugs on you, but have recived a payment, you have set inside “server.lua”
Attention: Only the voice used with Interractive Sounds"are not yet translated. (will be in next days)

Buy and Preview!
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Video: Here

Config file:

  • You can change all the config releated things inside “server.lua / client.lua”

What about performance?



Planed Updates

  • More languages
  • Config file
  • More types of selling points (Garald)
  • QB version
  • Other stuff (your ideas)