[PAID] dixxel storage


The storage solution for all your players. Create storage centers anywhere you want and give your players the ability to stash away all their goods in new places. Released with most source code available to you (everything except web), so that you can change and edit the way the script works for your server’s needs.

This resource brings the option for you to create locations and units of your choosing. All built with the UI in focus. Change names, sizes, slots and really anything that would seem like it is needed for a storage unit. Comes with built in support for both a pincode system or key system. All shareable with friends, but make sure that your pincode or key is not given to the wrong person…

Any questions about the script before purchase? Send me a DM or ask in the comments and I will make sure to provide answers :smiley:



Buy here ($25): Shop | dixxel.io
Documentation: Storage - dixxel.io

Code is accessible Yes (web is built, no source provided for it)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements ox_lib, oxmysql, ox_inventory (can opt-out)
Support Yes

This looks really nice! Do you think its possible for rental and maybe even possibly auction of unit if they don’t pay? I see its accessible except for web, which is why I ask. Otherwise awesome job. Also video would be great to see.

Thanks! Renting a unit is definitely something that could be done. I’ll look into it and see what ways it can be implemented and potentially push it as a update

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Has anyone utilized this? Wanting to get some feedback on it and how well it works

Works as intended, if you need any help we’re pretty open to support! It’s as straight forward as written in the description. Happy to help! :slight_smile:

Review of Product - 10/10

Got this script for ESX and the developer was quick to respond and make adjustments we needed to convert it from QB. The script works perfectly as advertised.

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it wont let me access his tebex

Hello! Due to me not being able to give support at the moment the store has been taken down until further notice. There might be a update at some point and it being re-opened :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh ok ty for the reply