[PAID] Discord API + BOT

Discord API!


Discord API For only 1GBP

No more complicated stuff!

Easily drag and drop the Discord API into your resources folder! Set the resource up via the easily readable documentation (included). We provide a bot which your can invite to your Discord server, or create your own by reading the documentation! Use this API for various options like: Permissions, role checks, our custom player list resource, our custom allow list check resource and loads of more options to come.

Developers can utilize this script for many of their own resources. We shall provide with additional purchasable resources if you do not wish to code them yourself :slight_smile:

This script is inspired by Badgers Discord API and for a low price of 1GBP for everyone to use on their FiveM server!

Originally planned a free release, but since we are not allowed to escrow the bot token we have to charge a minimum for it.

This script utilizes:

(Inspired by) JaredScar (Badger Discord API)

Once again, simple, lightweight and straight forward!


Server export functions (LUA) (Also to be read in the included documentation)

server_exports { 

How to utilize the export functions?
Read all about it in the included documentation.


  • Public release of the configurable Discord API.
  • Configure your role ID’s and role names in the config.lua and utilize your discord server in-game.
  • Included a bot invite, allowing you to skip making a bot! (Documentation.pdf)
  • Included a tutorial to create your own custom bot, providing this resource on your FiveM server. (Documentation.pdf)
  • Escrow protected.

Video Showcase

Obtain this or one of our other resources via our Tebex store


Our other resources:

Code accessible Partially
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 300
Requirements None
Support Yes
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Free releases may not be Escrow protected or have a Tebex requirement

Preview ?

Hi !

What is your script for “Discord” “Play” “Website” in your connecting please ? Thanks !

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Released an update which allows you to add your custom bot. Before this seemed to be blocked.