[PAID] [DevTool] Interpreter


Interpreter | Write once, run anywhere
Keep in mind this resource is intended for developers, it will not automatically translate your resources!

Interpreter is the easiest way to develop cross-framework resources/assets for FiveM. Effortlessly expand your customer base, with only one codebase to maintain.

It currently supports seamless integration with ESX (Legacy), vRP and QBCore


It is also fully documented and has active support, development, and is also open for feature suggestions. Currently includes all necessary functions for writing complex cross-framework scripts.
So stop wasting time on difficult to maintain codebase’s, and start using Interpreter!

Interpreter has active support, and therefor runs on a monthly licensing, and can be found on Tebex ($2.95 + tax)



Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Yes
Lines (approximately) ~550
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes

Documentation button no worky worky :cry:
But the tebex button does link to the documentation

Woops, should be fixed now :sweat_smile:

good job, it’s perfect for developers, who work with several frameworks at the same time.

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You pointed out that the source code is not available, which means that buying your product I can not build it into my scripts, and in order for my customers can use your code, they will also have to buy your script?

The source code is not public, but you can simply use Interpreter in your script by importing it using the export GetObject (Check documentation for more info). It’s correct that Interpreter will be a dependency of the resource that you are creating, and therefor they will need a license as well.

Keep in mind it’s on a server basis, so if you’ve made multiple scripts running Interpreter only one license will be needed by the server. :slight_smile:

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You did good documentation page, I already saw it - great job :slight_smile:

But at the end your product looks like not a fair deal - both devs and their customers (every customer) should buy extra script which is not useful for customer at all.

Let me provide a free version of “Interpreter” only for developers:

It doesn’t have Inventory and Job functions comparing to your product, but devs may build it on their own.

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Nice Project, but something like this is not ideal for typical use. because for example many of the features available in Qb is not available in ESX therefore this script will not work for them.
Also from what i’ve seen in the document the usability is very limited and the options for the developer to create something cross framework is not very ideal.
i can count many of the functions and things that are missing. simply just because the script is incomplete or just they are specific to a framework.
also i need to mention that something like this would be so much better if it was free.
as a developer its not very ideal for me to code something with a paid script that is not mine as a dependency.
the idea is great. but not functional.
(this is just my personal opinion as someone that would use something like this if it didn’t have the problems like some i explained)


Why would any developer chose to use this if it meant all of their customers had to pay a subscription fee for some random “interpreter” as a dependency when the customer only needs integration for 1 framework.

In terms of lacking features this is indeed an early version. Therefor it’s also clearly stated that it’s under development, and suggestions are welcome. Which is also reflected in the price, since it’s only $2.95 (Basically a cup of coffee). This was simply to check if there was any interest in the community for such tool.

Unlike other Games like Garry’s Mod that has a single Roleplay Framework, FiveM currently has 3 major players being vRP, ESX and QBCore. Here the creator of the script is able to release to those exact platforms, therefor hopefully earning more revenue, and being able to reach a larger audience. It’s true that the server is only running one framework, but the price is meant as a commission of the generated sales for the script creator. Currently only taxing sales on sales is not possible using Tebex. I have however requested this feature at the last Tebex Ideas

I don’t see this is an unfair deal. The developer gets to increase in his potential sales, and the creator of the “translation layer” would get a commission of the sales for this helping hand at increasing the sales. So I think saying that the script isn’t helping the costumer is wrong, since it allows them to run it in the first place.

I would like to make the script commission based in terms of a 5% cut or so, but this is currently not supported by Tebex. I did summit this idea at their recent Tebex Ideas

That’s not the point, why should the creator’s customers have to pay for this aswell??


To be fair I also don’t appreciate you comparing my resource to a single file you’ve published on GitHub. I’ve spent a lot of time both working on the documentation, as well as the resource. Also this resource both offers support, future features as well as maintenance. :sweat_smile:

You say “potential,” but what the developer actually gets is:

  • Costs of $3-$5 each month (that’s the price/half price of the cheapest Digital Ocean Ubuntu server);
  • Angry customers for having to buy and install extra scripts;

What the developer potentially gets is a headache.


You are wrong, there more than one single line - it’s actually a 90% of your work not including your documentation page.

The rest is just words “bla-bla”, “support”. At the end you just stop developing this product and no-one wll be able to continue your work and keep support because code is not public.

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What they essentially pay for is essentially the following service:

The resource might not have been supported for their Framework in the first place, but now is possible.

Resources with more features, since the developer doesn’t have to waste their time synchronizing codebases across Frameworks

Main feature
If their Server changes framework in the future, they can seamlessly switch without having to pay twice for the same script, simply because the script was bought with the original framework in mind.

The end customer shouldn’t have to pay up for a tool the script creator used to save time and to which they get no benefit. What you’re saying is a load of tosh

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Firstly I never said something about a singular line, I said a singular file but to be fair the quantity isn’t the main point.

In terms of me essentially just “bla-bla”, the exact reason it’s on a monthly basis is so that their is funding to continue development. I will also here make a binding promise if you would like that I will publish the source code should I leave the project. To be fair I feel like you are arguing in bad faith :neutral_face: