[PAID][DEV-TOOL] Prop attach to Ped tool


This resource is using edited WarMenu by Warxander

Get it here for any price you want (0.5€+)!

(uses FiveM Escrow service)


Hello fellow CFX Community and mainly developers! :wave:

I want to present you simple yet usefull resources for developers and configurators.

This easy menu will allow you to spawn prop on ped bone and move + rotate it on all axis.
When you are done with positioning, simply press one button and you’ll get result right in clipboard - sipmly CTRL+V into your script and you have properly placed prop on ped.

  • Usefull for example esx_basic_needs custom models of foods and drinks.

  • Also this resource can be usefull to perfect your animations generated in AnimKit by adding some props.

This resource is not obfuscated in any way means you can edit it as you want.


  • Simple menu with easy controls (just arrows)
  • Variable change will re-attach prop so you can see how result will look like
  • Prop is despawned when script is stopped
  • Animations support
  • Standalone
  • Use command /proputil to invoke the menu
  • Copy result to clipboard and insert it right into your code
  • Ideal for setting props for scripts like ESX Basic Needs

Result (CTRL+V)

local hash = GetHashKey("prop_cs_burger_01")
while not HasModelLoaded(hash) do
local prop = CreateObject(hash, GetEntityCoords(PlayerPedId()), true, true, true)
AttachEntityToEntity(prop, PlayerPedId(), GetPedBoneIndex(PlayerPedId(), 18905), 0.19, 0.0, 0.05, 0.0, -20.0, 0.0, true, true, true, false, 1, true)

Result can look like this (thanks @BzZzi for custom animation and video)



  • Initial release


  • Fix of spawning prop properly by its name and player ped bone index
  • Variables around zero are now properly set


  • Fix of model properly spawn


  • Added check for ped bone and model not found


  • Menu tweaks
  • Added support for playing animations


  • Added check for animation dict
  • Added combo box for most relevant bones


  • Added support for animation list (edit cl_main.lua:8)
  • Added few predefined animations (eating, drinking, usefull stuff)
  • Better error handling
  • Changed default anim flag to 49

This is P E R F E C T !

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Another tool that make developers live much easier! Good job!


Would it be possible to also add animDict and animName as well? So you could test props while doing certain anims?

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That is great idea! I’ll do it right now!

Amazing dude let me know when its up on tebex ill send you a good tip! This will make my job a lot easier lol

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New version with animation support has been uploaded <3

Fantastic work! Such a useful tool for devs!

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Thanks mate =)

Love the way it’s so ez, thank you!

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Amazing tool, thanks :love_you_gesture:

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Amazing animation :relaxed: Thanks!

Can u make the resource with all animations and the devs only need to use arrows to switch instead write the names

I thought it, but there are about 160k animations in GTA. I suggest using dpEmotes for animations.

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Looks good. Nice release!

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I asked because i want it to search animations to adapt for dpemotes :smiley:

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I’am currently making little feature allowing you to import list of animations for @BzZzi but you have to import list of animations manually.

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New update has been uploaded to keymaster!


  • Added support for animation list (edit cl_main.lua:8)
  • Added few predefined animations (eating, drinking, usefull stuff)
  • Better error handling
  • Changed default anim flag to 49

This is amazing fixes my pain of changing my scripts manually

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Hey nice job, I was wondering, what hud are you using?

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