[Paid] [Dev Tool] DDS Resize and Compression Tool

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “dds_remap_v3.py”, line 7, in
File “clr_loader_init_.py”, line 42, in get_coreclr
File “clr_loader\util\find.py”, line 22, in find_dotnet_root
RuntimeError: Can not determine dotnet root
[32112] Failed to execute script ‘dds_remap_v3’ due to unhandled exception!

Sorry was finishing up IRL work.

You’re fine, make sure you have the dotnet runtime installed on your computer.

Microsoft .NET Framework

ay that worked! Thank you so much!

Now… to go look at doing this for 2000+ cars haaha.

So uh… our Firetrucks did not like being put into the tool xD, it causes white boxes or walls to spawn around them now. odd.

I saw this same thing on another pack, possibly this one actually but not 100% sure. Couldn’t figure out the logic behind the white panels showing up though.

It’s basically because of this:

Which personaly for me leads to missing speed and needles in speedometer
Before using tool:
After using tool (no speed and needles):

Fivem console output:

Warning: Texture script_rt_dials_race (in txd focusrs.ytd) was set to a compressed texture format, but ‘script_rt’ textures should always be uncompressed
This file was likely processed by a bad tool. To improve load performance and reduce the risk of it crashing, fix or update the tool used

Looks like this fixes above issues:

However, your tool after proccessing this file outputs this:

Would be great to check if compression type and mipmap would be checked for this file, so it would output correct texture, not even compressing .ytd’s but checking for this error, sounds good isn’t? :slight_smile:

Ya, I appreciate the detailed response!!

Ill go into the file and compare the original vs the compressed, then also look at the format/mipmap.

Even if we have to revert these back to the larger file, have 20-30 big file vehicles, instead of 2000, is a big difference lol.

Thank you!

Also weird behaviour on tires, after compression it lose color (gets chrome look), haven’t found yet why.

I’ll modify the script to skip those soon. It may be a few days though as I’m pretty busy with college prep right now.

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Don’t skip, check if it’s in correct format if not then convert.

Correct format: