[PAID] Courthouse/Palais de justice

FR : Voici tout d’abord le palais de justice a l’observatoire avec dedans :

  • Acceuil

  • Vestiaire

  • Salle de reunion/repos

  • Bureau

  • Cours de justice

  • Cellule avec l’entrée par derrière pour les condamnée

EN: the courthouse at the observatory with inside:

  • Reception

  • Changing room

  • Meeting room

  • Desk

  • Courts

  • Cell with back entrance from behind for the prisonners


If you don’t want the logo paris you can delete it in the file named logo/Si vous ne voulez pas que se soit en partis vous pouvez delete le logo dans les fichiers nommé logo

You need to have forced vanilla props to have the v corp props to show up , in fivem they don’t spawn
Vous aurez besoin de forced vanilla props pour faire apparaitre certain props comme les v corps , car sur fivem il ne spawn pas

[Courthouse/Palais de justice 20e + taxes]

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based NO
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Free Forced vanilla props Here
Support Yes
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why force props needed?
thats prob the only reason i havent purchased yet

I always make it because i used some vanilla props that don’t show up in fivem like v corp props for the desk ect

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I modify the post and same for the other to say why it’s important , thx you for the suggestion

Kinda underwelming, needs more baking in the oven to make the interior more then just a box with some textures and props in it.

A video can be good please :smile:

Thx for your job

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can we get a video preview?

it’s planned to make one , for now i can’t but if you need more screen or detail feel free to dm me