[PAID] Coke Laboratory MLO

Coke Laboratory


  • The Coke Laboratory is a unique indoor lab located in 5 locations in San Andreas.The brewhouse has its SECRET entrance located between the boxes in the trash room + the actual brewhouse and finished product storage is located inside.

  • :star:Immerse yourself in the ultimate role-playing experience with the new Coke Laboratory mapping for FiveM, located in 5 locations throughout the San Andreas. Transform your GTA V world with this custom-designed fivem interior that offers unique features and immersive gameplay.

  • :artist: Personalizable Text and Logos: - Modify all text and logos in YTD according to your preferences. - Enhance your FiveM roleplay experience with the Coke Laboratory Mapping, where every detail is designed to enhance your gameplay and create memorable moments from the game you love.



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Requirements 2699
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If only there was a great drug script to utilize all 5 locations this is fire

Thank you very much :heart: