[PAID] Codesign Multicharacter

The most complete Multicharacter system in the forum.

After trying many multicharacter systems I found this one. I must say it is the best multicharacter you could ever use on your server. It offers very clean ui and very great performance on your server.

10/10 Stars


Documentation is great on this script - would like to try the advanced method once everything is complete on my end but so far so good; pretty crazy how it works with the simple method and still manages to keep data in tact.

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Hey check dm’s so we can help you out :slight_smile:

probably The best Multicharecter System out There optimized and easy to use.

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Best Multi Char ive seen so far. Highly Customizable. You can see all your Chars like they are IC. It fits really good with all the other scripts like Identity or Spawn Selector. Its a nice to have!

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Best multi char i have come across, really like they layout a design, was easy to follow setup guide.
Runs perfect in my city had no issues very well optimized and easy to use.

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Changelog v4.1.0


  • Added a new config option for ESX legacy 1.6.x.

  • Added support for the latest oxymysql.


  • Automated one of the installation steps (database tables) to ensure an easier installation.

  • Added more fail safe checks to warn you of typos you made in the config which could break the script.

Such a unqiue multicharacter system, easy to setup and amazing

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Really love this script, easy to set up how the characters react, placement if you want a more custom look than what is originally provided.

I use this paired up with, spawnselect and their identity script and its a really nice experience for the player.

Easy to setup config, for notifications and the rest. Set up and pretty much ready out the box for your framework.

They have a great support team, plus you can hire devs for some custom things you may need/want

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Added the required template to the post

Code is accessible No (however majority is accessible)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000+ (not including locales & libraries)
Requirements Dependencies listed above
Support Yes