[PAID] Codesign Highly customisable Car HUD

Speechless with this carhud, too much customizable and everything on point, ALSO OPTIMIZED, lovely <3

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I bought this as a pack with the playerhud , which is what i mainly wanted. However since then, this has become my Favourite CD script, the customisability is top notch and my community loves it, 10/10

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Got this one as I was looking for an easy-to-configure and customizable hud and got it up and running within minutes even with a different fuel system than the preconfigured ones. Definitely a great addition to my server!

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Does any1 use this with renzu_fuel? If so wut was the code to make it work? Im still new to this. Thx in advance.

The best car UI! Very customizable and user friendly so everyone can change it to their preference!

It’s 10/10 script and I can only recommend you to buy it.

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So cruise control works great , but why can i not set the key to a new key.