[Paid] Chromecore Hotwire Resource

Replacement for qb-vehiclekeys, adds realistic hotwiring to vehicles! ps this my first script!

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  • Compatible Frameworks: QBCore
  • Compatible Tested Inventories: qb-inventory, core_inventory
  • Encrypted & Open Source Available
  • Future Updates Coming:
    – Car Alarm Activates Upon Hotwire Fail
    – Keyfob Support

Required Script Information

Code is accessible Yes/No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000+
Requirements QBCore
Support yes

All you did was add the lockpick to hotwire

I assure you there was more too it then that, however as I did mention this is my first release as I noticed a lot of people do not like other hotwire scripts. β€œSimple” was listed in the tebex title. Also you laugh at my post yet what have you added to the community other than advertise your own server?

can we change the item requirement in config and can the drawtext be disabled ?

Yes I did add the ability to switch what item is required in order to hotwire and with the disabling of the drawtext this is all done via the locales which is available in both encrypted and open source however I will add a way to disable via the config aswell!

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