[Paid] Change Skin using item / Change Player Char info as admin

I test this script only without multichar.

Support steam identifier and license identifier both.You can select yours in config.lua

This script have main option you can change any player char info using ingame player id the menu will also show the current detail and if u will not fill the detail it will not change old info. which ever info you will change it will update new one. The other options of this script is any player can use skin menu to change skin by using an item all the commands and item name etc all are configurable in config.

This script contain two export both will follow config admin groups with these exports you can enable menus with any other admin menu.

– it will work only for admins in config.lua

  1. exports.capy_changeName:exportgiveskintoTarget()
  2. exports.capy_changeName:exportgetidofplayerTarget()


  1. es_extended
  2. an_dialogBox

ESX Legacy 1.6 +

Purchase info:
Video : coming soon

| Code is accessible | Part of can edit notifications,text,config
| Subscription-based | No
| Lines (approximately) | 500+
| Requirements | es_extended, an_dialogBox,esx_skin
| Support | Yes

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This is a basic script.Personally i dont think it’s worth selling


i think 2 euro is not so much coz i donot wanna public my code thats why i can make it 1euro or 0.01 but donot wanna share code

If you just “dont want to share your code” you can still make it free.
But I can promise you with all due respect that there is 99% nothing special with your code so no reason to lock it tbh.


ok i do it free but still code is not opensource i can add features what ever if anyone want but no source code

Free releases must contain a direct download and source available, if you don’t want that please mark it as paid so people know to expect to have to download though Tebex

Ok sir

maybe a feature where only the user of the item gets their skin changed because now any player can insert a random ID of another player

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ok as i know if a user use item he get skin menu but let me check i will fix it tonight

bro i check it when anyone use item it will give him skin menu… it is not asking id from player but automatically give him skin menu