[Paid] Carsave (No Garage)


Customers can access all updates

:diamonds: Vehicles remain in their location on Earth - no garage
:diamonds: Vehicles are born with their damage
:diamonds: Easily customizable
:diamonds: Vehicles without users can be moved and their damages can be recorded upon request

All records
:diamonds: Door Damages (including hood and trunk)
:diamonds: Wheel Damages (half burst & Full burst)
:diamonds: Door Locks
:diamonds: Engine on/off
:diamonds: Dirt
:diamonds: Body health
:diamonds: Petrol tank health
:diamonds: Engine health
:diamonds: All Features Installed in Mechanics

Upcoming updates

:diamonds: Vehicle dent records
:diamonds: Vehicle junkyard (falling into water - combustion…)
:diamonds: Metadata carkey (doesn’t want framework)


Door Damages


Wheel Damages



Code is accessible ‘customize.lua’ inaccessible except for
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 650
Requirements None
Support Yes
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I know that it is a plugin that I witnessed in the making, it is fully optimized and player-oriented. Congratulations

Nice script for hard rp server. GJ man.