[PAID] Carry People & Put Player in Trunk [Standalone]

Crashes FiveM when there are no players in range and you use /carry. Players placed in trunk can pop the trunk and get out if they either spam or time it just right. I added a simple Wait(1000) to correct this. Players that are carried on shoulders can just press F key to remove themselves. I also had to adjust the attachment of entity in trunk as they were clipping through most of our vehicles recommend lowering this by default. 0.13ms is also my idle

well in that case please put down your suggestions and bugs out here so that I can do a few tweaks to the resource and I will be pushing and update regarding the fixes and stuff which will come to your mail.

If we get the F key issue addressed once our players found out about this there was no-one being carried anymore, sad-day. As much as I want it- to be part of the RP with them being able to just press f and hop off I don’t feel like there is even a point. Second and for most servers some optimization will also be necessary.

working on optimizations and talking about F key that is intentionally added that’s not a bug, the purpose was that instead of /carry to stop carry you can press F to stop carry