[PAID] Carry People & Put Player in Trunk [Standalone]

I’m having an issue with custom cars not working with boots? Normal gta cars work perfectly

what ms you have can its still 0.13ms here even idle dont get me wrong i can do also custom scripts so dont tell.me that i put something haha i just drag and drop it

Looks nice


im doing nothing

ill give it soon, just bit busy with private life

Maybe some problem when you put in your server cause its fine for me
Server Side : image
Canary Client Fivem : image

This doesn’t effect the server in anyway

@WallliB Custom cars may have trunk in front or in the back . if the vehicle has a boot then you can put person or get in or else you cannot. If you dint not understand then

lol other script is ok… can you make it just command /putintrunk /getoutintrunk
for mor optimizition i suggest drawing text is not good haha jsut saying

client only server ia good cause your not using database. but for client based is too high ms i try it using in test server i remove all and the same

You can change it to native notification
CarryNotification() function in script

You can modify !!

nice nice nice :smiley:

Getting 0.13ms idle, any fix?

0.04 while idleing

same here so iremove some scripts and make it in command

no update in this scripts?or is it going to be update?

what update are you expecting? head poking out? well then it may take time cause I am a little busy with my private life due to covid pls understand

hmmm ok good so i justneed to stop your resoucesbecause it just like inventory system on MS

Will this work on ■■■■? Just switched to it when someone built me a nice server but pretty bummed that all the mods I wanted for ESX probably aren’t going to which makes me sad. LOL

It is standalone means works for any framework

Adding commands & removing drawtext3d can be done yourself or i can do it for you and mail you but cannot be done for all