[PAID] Carry People & Put Player in Trunk [Standalone]

Carry People & Put Player in Trunk

This script while carrying a player you can put him in the trunk and also you can get in trunk yourself if the trunk is open.

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🛈 Information

  • Carry People

  • Put Player in Trunk

  • Open/Close Trunk when in the trunk

  • Cannot drive a vehicle if a person carried in vehicle

  • cannot carry person while entering the vehicle

Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 700
Requirements Latest Artifacts
Support Yes

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  • It is escrow protected but you can edit all the files.
  • For those who bought the package before the Escrow was implemented please direct message me on the forum for the latest update.
  • For those who bought script after Escrow was implimented please check your script in Purchased Assets section in Keymaster

Looks nice, Sad that the Head is poking out

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@NIGEL.D no worries, when you buy it there will be updates for the script, In next update I’ll give the fix.

Pretty awesome! nice release !

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@MRP0161 yah i will give a update for that and it will be sent to your email with which you bought the script on tebex

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I have seen free alternatives, you should put more work in to it before going for sales, but thats just my opinion. Good luck improving it to the point it’s worth buying. :+1:t2:


@iSentrie I do provide updates for these scripts to the people who bought them. speaking about free alternatives I have not found a single script like this on the forum nor from external sources (you know what i mean). Well i am working on updating these scripts and fixing the bugs when people DM on discord that they found a bug. Anyways Thanks you for Commenting on the Post.

Great idea, but in my opinion it needs to be far better than the free ones in order to be for sale.

Add multiple ways to carry someone, perhaps be able to tie them up as well so they can’t get out, prevent the head from sticking out, allow people to see someone in the trunk if the trunk is opened, limit the amount of people in the trunk, allow anyone to get in the trunk even if there is a driver in the vehicle and then you’ll have a script that is better than the free ones out there.

Good if you could make a request for other person to be carried and so on, that would be really great, because now anyone can carry you without any permission. In real life you could resist this stuff you know. That would make this script different and worth something. :slight_smile:

@iSentrie in this script you can resist yourself from getting carried by pressing F when carried, but mostly you are held tightly that you can resist the carry.

Not bad, do you have plans adding more animations for carrying people?

can you optimized this scripts? it takes .10 plus ms

@mjaltrinity think you have combined my script with other scripts that’s why it is taking so much for you, please optimize your scripts mine barely takes any ms

And I have not got single complain about not optimized, i have tested this in different frameworks also

huh i just drag and drop it

Do you have plans to add different carrying options, with different animations?

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@iSentrie Din’t think about that, i will take it as a suggestion

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when can we expect this update? :slight_smile:

@DanielNJ what kind of update? Animation?? or Head Poking out??

so 100 people cant get in 1 boot :smiley:

I’m having an issue with custom cars not working with boots? Normal gta cars work perfectly