[PAID] Car Livery Pack LSPD (7 Cars)

This is a Livery Pack only for the following vehicles. No cars are oversized at all
here is a couple screenshots


Really 8 bucks for these no way Id rather take the 3 minutes in photoshop to make them myself…


then do it

fr, this is why paid resources shouldn’t exist

lol :smile:

8 bucks for crap liverys xD great job :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Vehicle livery is done poorly you just basically painted doors white added logo and text. Not Worth 8$ at all


my guy you shouldnt even put this up im not ussally a dick to people but jesus christ 8 dollars for cow manure jesus


Good job, let them hate if they really knew the prices for graphics then they would understand but they are just out to troll. Good job

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This got a chuckle outta me :joy:

If y’all actually looked and it’s $6 but thanks for the feed back :slight_smile:

why yall gotta make fun of this man? he just tryin to make some money.

yea but this aint even close to being worth 8 bucks not even 2 lol


Wtf does this even mean

what lol


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Everyone starts of somewhere, to harass him is just childish. And not going to go into the creative scene as you won’t understand it

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i mean yea everyone does start somewhere but not every one gets pngs from google and sticks them on a car and sells them… im not hating on the release but before trying to make money from something so simple at least practise and release something thats going to make people wanna buy it… i mean just getting the pngs from google and sticking them on a few cars isnt worth selling (this is just my feed back)… to me $7.20 iv over prices for 2 pngs on a car as iv even posted them in here for free… i mean if he released them for free and got a few more months of doing it behind him then yea sure make a little cash from it … but like i said this is just my feedback

with the tebex tax its $7.20 lol

Are these car models yours as well/ are they included in the pack?