[PAID] [CAR] Ford Bronco 2021 [6 Seater]

Ford Bronco 2021 by V&V [6 Seater]

Preview :Ford Bronco 2021 by V&V [6 Seater] | Preview - YouTube


6 Seater [2 in front , 2 in middle and 2 in rear]

Fully Optimized for your FiveM Server

No Glitches Fully Tested

Custom Handling

Custom Livery [3 Pre-Made Liveries Available]

Extras - Roof and High beam lights on roof

High Quality Exterior

Primary Colour [Paint:1] - Full Body

Secondary Colour [Paint:2] - All Led Lights , roof , front exhaust

Wheel Colour [Paint:4] - Wheel colour changeable

Tintable Windows

Template to make your own livery

Get it : Here

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Custom Vinewood Sign Map by V&V

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can you share the metas for the working 6 seater?

Hello, it says fully optimized, but I still have further questions

May I know the poly/vert count? Thank you.

Currently its 404424 - Vertices 500161 - Polygons

Uhhh, you consider that optimized? :laughing:
It should be 1/10th of that to be optimized lmao

this is on gta5mods for free… you just added the lights maybe… :money_mouth_face: