[PAID] Canine Script with Menu

Canine Script with menu built with MenuAPI. Clean menu design with options for each K9 action, commands can also be used for each action.

Menu with options for:

  • Select K9 Breed
  • Set K9 Name
  • Spawn K9
  • Sit or Stay
  • Follow or Recall
  • Bark
  • Attention
  • Sniff Area
  • Lay Down
  • Track Player
  • Attack Player
  • Enter Vehicle
  • Exit Vehicle
  • Remove K9

Chat Commands and Key Mappings that are configurable in each player’s settings for each of the actions.


  • /k9 - Opens the Menu
  • /k9setname [name] - Name the Canine
  • /k9setbreed [Shepherd/Husky/Retriever] - Set the Canine breed
  • /k9spawn - Spawns the Canine
  • /k9attack [ID] - Make the Canine attack the specified player
  • /k9sit - Makes the Canine sit
  • /k9follow - Makes the Canine follow you
  • /k9bark - Make the Canine bark
  • /k9att - Make the Canine get your attention
  • /k9sniff - Make the Canine sniff
  • /k9lay - Make the Canine lay down
  • /k9track - Make the Canine track someone
  • /k9enter - Make the Canine enter your vehicle
  • /k9exit - Make the Canine exit your vehicle
  • /k9dismiss - Remove your Canine
  • None

This uses the FiveM Escrow System







Canine Model not included

Code is accessible No (lua and C#)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements None
Support Yes

So anybody with any job can spawn a k9 or is it set to specific jobs

Correct, it is standalone.

Is there an option to translate the script into dutch for example?

Unfortunately, there is not.

Do you have an updated discord

There is a link to my discord on Tebex.

it says its not valid

can we use ace perms to lock it to just LEO?

New Version:

  • Added permission restricted version - read the new README text file in the download.