[PAID] BulgaR Shop Robbery [RedEM:RP] & [VORP]

BulgaR Shop Robbery for [RedEM:RP] and [VORP]

Shops Robbery system for [RedEM:RP] and [VORP].


  • Possibility to add any shop/store/weaponshop/etc to rob, by default there is 5 Shops Configured for Valentine, Blackwater, Strawberry, Rhodes, SaintDenis.
  • Robbery Global Cooldown, after someone has robbed a shop, others have to wait some time to rob shops again (Can be set in config by default its 1hr).
  • Player need lockpick item to start robbery.
  • Player have to play a lockpick minigame to start robbery.
  • U can setup minimum amount of sheriffs online to start a robbery.
  • All sheriffs online will be notified when the robbery is started.
  • U can setup robbery timer to end a robbery, by default its 2 minutes after the lock has ben broken.
  • U can setup Minimum and Maximum money Reward for each configured shop.
  • More u can see in Full Preview.


  • Works on OneSync.
  • You have access to the Main Client Code File and Config Files ( Server side and some Client side files are locked by [Cfx’s Asset Escrow system] )
  • More u can see in Full Preview.

Dependencies for [RedEM:RP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !
redemrp_inventory 2.0
redemrp_witness (Optional)
pNotify (Included)

Dependencies for [VORP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !
redemrp_progressbars (Included works also for VORP)
pNotify (Included)

[FiveM Asset Escrow System]
Script is protected using Cfx’s Asset Escrow system, u can still edit the most important parts of the script and ofc config files.

Full Preview
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UPDATE 30/04/2022