[PAID] BulgaR AioMenu (All In One Menu for RedM) [Standalone] [RedM]

BulgaR AioMenu (All In One Menu for RedM) [Standalone] [RedM]

A Quick Menu in which you can easily add buttons which can have assigned commands/functions/triggers/etc to them.

This menu allows you to use FONTAWESOME icons as well as Images added in this script (Simple).

Everything is easy and quick to edit, everyone should be able to read and edit this code as it’s not complicated.

If you have any problems, I can always help you - just contact me via discord.

Additional Informations:

  • The walking styles are included and configured in the script.
  • Most of the buttons are just examples of what can be added.
  • You can add / remove / edit buttons.
  • Available commands ( /walkstyle 1-10 , /fixwalkstyle )
  • Default open menu button “DEL”.

Full Preview
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