[PAID] Boomba Banking For FiveM

Boomba Banking:

This is a FiveM banking script for ESX.

[+] UI Included
[+] Deposit, Withdraw, Transfer
[+] Works with accountmoney

Working on some updates already,

  • Option to disable banking for players with less then X amount of playtime.
  • Option for admins to check other accounts so that they can watch hackers.
  • ATM’s will be added soon.

Buy now!

Hey !
Don’t take this the wrong way I’m just curious, isn’t it just a rework of the UI of basic esx_atm script ? Because if so, 12$ seems expensive for a few CSS classes and 3-4 HTML lines. When I see people selling there bank script in general it offers more than what esx offers itself (pin number, credit card, crypto etc…)

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no, it is not. Its just a simple bank system.

boomba boomba boomba

even if this was free i would never use it.

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So what point are you trying to make?

the ui is gross

border thicker than my gf

pink explosion