[PAID] BetterFlashlight

I just bought it. And i found a little problem, is it possible to change the first animation to default ? When not its still buggy when i go to the Default-Animation after 3 sec it change automaticly to Police torch

Question, is there an easy way to check for conflicts with other scripts? Our flashlight isn’t working and i’m guessing someone dropped in a conflicting script but no idea of the 300+ which one it is.

Sorry but no, you have to know what you install and what they could do.

Don’t spam the animation change key, it takes some time to change the anim.

I just purchased the script but noticed something odd, so i have it in the police torch animation and the light keeps toggling on and off every few seconds

I’m getting the same issue as you, and I can’t figure it out, It seems to turn on, then off, then when I turn it back on, it permanently stays on and I can’t turn it off again.

[script:BetterFlashli] Error parsing script @BetterFlashlight/server/server.lua in resource BetterFlashlight: @BetterFlashlight/server/server.lua:1: syntax error near ‘<\1>’

I keep getting this error its not even reading it

You seem to have a really old version of artifacts, update them and the script should work just fine.

We have the newest artifacts as of this week. and its still throwing that syntax error

Ive just recently bought this script and once i click E to turn on the flashlight it turns back off after 4 seconds is there a way to fix this?

Ive actually fixed it right after posting this :sob:

how did u fix it?

Enable “FixPresistentFlashlight” in config.