[PAID] BetterFlashlight

My friend buyed the script and put it on our server.
The Script works just Fine but only one time.
Like i take out the flashlight everything works but when i take it out the second time nothing works.

How do I open two clients at once?

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Do you have any scripts that use the “SetFlashLightEnabled” native?

At first just try updating your artifacts.

I have the latest Version (5604).
Is ist possible to get a non encrypted Version of this Script?

No, its not possible. You have an error with enable the flashlight native. Do you maybe replaced the flashlight model? Does the script work normally when you turn off all scripts?

The Script isnt anymore in my Keymaster

I don’t understand? You’ve given the script to someone else and you don’t need the support? Or what?

No, i the Script isnt anymore in my Purchased assets tab.
I dont know why

What’s your tebex username? I can check if your asset was sent to someone and their nickname.


“Lite1701” buyed it and send it to lp_mit_niklas (he`s the Server owner that pays the key for eup etc.) and it was there but the next day it wasnt anymore in any of our accounts

Lite1701 returned the product and asked for a refund.

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Found the problem. The native that the script uses just doesn’t exist in the fivem default gta build.
To fix it just add this to your server.cfg

set sv_enforceGameBuild 2545

Occasionally, when other weapons are selected, the weapon in hand goes perpendicular. Would it be possible to add to the client.lua, a condition so that the flashlight system works only if the weapon selected by the player is the flashlight?
Thanks in advance !

It already there.

Hello, it’s saying I lack the requirements. Any fix on how I should go about this?

Got it working. Thanks!

Resmon ? Thanks