[Paid] Beard for Mp_M

Greetings to readers!

Below I can present my work on the mustache and beard.
These are the most optimized, low-polygonal beards, together with the LODS function, which changes the model to another depending on the range of your presence to the model.
Perhaps you will say that the price is very high? I will say no.
It took me more than two weeks to do this work, in order for all parts of the model to look harmonious, natural and realistic.

Purchase: TEBEX STORE (34.99€)

For this price, you will get 10 of the most beautiful beards with which you can diversify your project.

Any use of these models that will not be purchased from me will be considered theft.

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I want to add that these works are made in the same way for platforms: Alt: V, Rage (SP), FiveM.

Wait wait wait, am I blind or is this guy charging 35 euros for a beard?!!!

35 euros for 10 beards.

Not gonna lie, they all look close to each other, no such big difference but your the seller, you control it all.

The fact that they are similar is a fact. One of the optimizations was texture optimization. Each model has the same texture.
The beards look like this for more realism, but in the screenshots, they look more “cinematic”. Everything looks different in the game, it is well complemented by beard overlays.

how do they look on other male faces?

Alas, this is a big problem with other faces, but if you have any kind of face combinator (something like what is done in GTA Online) then it is quite possible to fit your face into beards.

35 euros for this is cracked. What is up with people and their pricing recently? I understand that this stuff takes time and effort, but YIKES dude…


I think my spent two weeks are worth that much. If you are not satisfied with the price, do not buy;)

Sorry but for 35€ i can buy lots of awesome scripts and they was working on it months.

Well, scripts are scripts, 3D modeling is completely different. I had to learn for almost three years to be able to do this :wink:

Good work :face_with_monocle: but not worth 41€ on tebex. Tbh i can eat for 1 week with 41


Cool is cool, but need to work with any type of face for this price…

I appreciate that you think your time is worth that, but I can assure you that 35 euros for this is absurd. Especially considering you can find the same thing, also FiveM ready, with more variety for free online…

I also just want to put this out there: Stuff like this is more likely to get leaked when it is a ridiculous price, like this. I have never used or downloaded anything leaked – in fact I have spent well over $3500 on this forum since it was released, supporting creators – but things like this are why less and less people are purchasing things and turning to getting them for free instead.

Yeah… for the price if it doesn’t work on other faces then really our money is not worth that, what really disappoints me is most of the fivem scripts are expensive and half broken. But good job on contributing.

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$56 aud for some fucking beards :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::clown_face:

good work I would recommend the pricing in my opinion be like $15 or $20 USD you will get a lot more buyers :slightly_smiling_face:

For that price at least it should work with every face combination and models. Working with only one type of it doesn’t worth that money. Should put it free people would buy it and your name will be known for sometthing cool than being known for 35€ one face beard.