[PAID][ANY FRAMEWORK] Undead Population Zombies Alpha

Do you like Undead Nightmare ? my Yes, after many requests, and weeks of intensive development, I present you my Zombie script for REDM for ANY FRAMEWORK ,
We were able to test this script with a dozen players with and without onesync which is functional,

Please note that this version is in ALPHA and that we do not guarantee a bug(crash).

What does this version offer?

  • No additional NPCs are added, only the NPCs of your server are transformed!
  • NPCs turn into aggressive, weaponless zombies within a distance of your choice!
  • The NPCs attack you and your friends, they are sometimes not inteligent.
  • Zombies follow you and climb to the rooftops, and change targets from time to time.
  • The detections of the zombies are realized, if you run, shoot, walk or crouch. (Triggers Option configurable meters and time)
  • Npc have new name prompt to “Zombie” or in your choice.
  • Real Sound of zombie with NUI is working (turn off, volume, and differents voices in .mp3)
  • Working with Standalone, Redem, VORP and OneSync non OneSync
  • Updates will be planned little by little (loot and delete function npc dead in area with time)…
  • Resmon is 0.02ms / 0.03ms with 60FPS
  • X3 Sounds Hurts Zombies
  • X1 Sound RoyalFree Ambiant with /music
  • All NPC delete in ground with yourtime secondes or minutes
  • HUD included in css/html for max immersive :wink:
  • Set Day/Night Cycle
  • Set PV for Day/Night Cycle Zombie’s
  • Set Safezones Areas with radius and 2 options (kill and delete or deleted instant)

Many tests are effectued in onesync/no onesync and with 12 people with no crashs repeated

Thanks to support the work :wink:

| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
| Lines (approximately) | 350+ |
| Requirements | no needed |
| Support | Yes |


New Update

  • Server Test
  • X3 Sounds Hurts Zombies
  • X1 Sound RoyalFree Ambiant with /music
  • All NPC delete in ground with yourtime secondes or minutes
  • HUD included in css/html for max immersive

Amazing release! :zombie:


Hi @zaphosting thanks for support <3

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Greetings! Does the script include night / day features, such as zombies are slower in the day and run like hell at night? and beyond that, how distinctive is the script? If I crouch, do I have less chance of being discovered by zombies? And if I shoot, the zombies will come from all directions attracted by the sound? sorry for the inconvenience hahaha: 3

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Hello the day/night cycle is not yet implemented, nevertheless the detections are implemented.


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Thanks! And is there a way to set zombie spawns or places they can’t enter? like preventing them from invading a city? Also, would it be possible to make a player “invisible” to zombies? As if they didn’t see him and didn’t attack him

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Hi, yes the new patch are online now :

New Update 1.3.0 :

  • Set Time to Day Cycle/Night Cycle
  • Set PV for Zombies in Day/Night Cycle
  • Set Your Safezones Areas ( Kill Zombie and Deleted or Deleted Instantly)
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Really cool, but what do you mean with ‘PV’?

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HP =) (Life of Z)

Ah, thanks xD
And what about zombie damage/movement speed/range of trigger? can they be set with dependence on the day/night cycle?

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Hello , nice work ! it’s working with QBR core ?

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Great job dude!

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Hello, the script is available for standalone and complete working for VORP/REDEM:RP, logicaly its working same for QBR:CORE.

Dear Shepard

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new update 1.4.0 and 1.5.0 :

Too bad it’s so expensive, I would have bought it if it cost less :frowning:

can you have hordes of zombies

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Nope sorry, is dont planned

New Update is online 1.6.0 check on tebex.

Verry nice movie trailer from MrEvaassion french server use my script.

Why find this script?