PAID Anticheat Menu

This Is An Anticheat Menu That Allows You To Delete Cargoplanes etc. Delete Peds, And Delete Objects Only Spawned ex. Ramp Fbi Buildings etc. Via This Menu .

Preview & Buy here [TEBEX]



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hmmm, where is the difference?

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The diferent is that menu not deleting light interriors and gta 5 things and its not optimised

what do you mean

Who would pay for this really. There are many free alternatives or easy to make yourself.

ok dont pay !

There are way more advanced one’s for free.


My menu costs 2 euro :shield:

LOL , This is a joke, right?

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yes it costs 1 :slight_smile:

i can make one literally for free

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Ok make it i am waiting for y

im making it also :smile and posting it

:clown_face: nice

I already did it. lol

Hey, this is a really nice free script!

The Releases Rules and F.A.Q say it best:

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Lol wow