[PAID] Advanced Trucker JOB | Level System

The script is mint! however, I am noticing that the UI is not updating to show lvl/EXP upon completion. SQL table is in place and recording exp gains


Check that you have the settings correct. Or open a ticket and we will be happy to help you.:smile:


:fire: Fixed some problems loading the experience if you were using mysql-async.

:fire: Fixed the problem with the text to open the loading gates.

:fire: Added a file to detect if you have the latest update.

:fire: Added the possibility that you can only work if you have the job.

:fire: Added the possibility to give you the vehicle keys if you use a key script.

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You are great ! excellent good script many thanks :heart: :heart: :v: :+1:

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thx!!! <3

Is it possible for a player to use their own truck instead of the one supplied?