[PAID] Advanced Storage Units - QBCore/ESX (11.99€)

[PAID] Advanced Storage Units - QBCore/ESX

This is advanced Storage Units , you can create multiple storages in roleplay without coding and you can sell it or rent it, show the video to more understand.


Player Features:

  • Transfer storage.
  • Rent and buy storage.
  • Open Storage.
  • Show logs storage.
  • See all storages available in city for sell or rent in Storage Center.
  • Change password storage.
  • Show all information storage and can copy with button.
  • Show expire time if rent with details and progress bar.

Creator Features:

  • Edit all information storage (price, name, show blip…).
  • Set waypoint to see in map where is the select storage.
  • Delete storage.
  • Lock the storage if near him.
  • Remove renter if storage for rent.
  • Open storage without password if near him.
  • Show expire and created time with details if storage in rent.

Preview: Youtube Link
Config Preview: Show Image
Purchase Script: Tebex Link 11.99€
Docs: GitBook

Code is accessible Config files
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +3756
Requirements ox_lib, oxmysql
Support Yes

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