[PAID] Advanced Garbage Job


:wastebasket: PEUREN_GARBAGEJOB: CLEAN THE CITY :wastebasket:

Dive into the Los Santos Sanitation experience!

Immerse yourself into the role of a sanitation worker in the vast city of Los Santos. This resource not only provides the basic job functionalities, but also thrives to create new immersive and interactive experiences for you and your players. We can gladly say that this is the best Garbage Job out there!


:key: Enhanced Features:

  • Different Job types that provide a fully fledged recycling center experience.
  • Immersive animations and props that are synchronized for everyone.
  • Innovative garbage container system that provides a fresh feeling for your server.
  • Garbage supply and demand system. This will force your players to work efficiently and manage the whole center to reach it’s fullest potential.

:arrows_counterclockwise: Progressive Gameplay:

  • Work together with friends using our groups system to progress even faster.

:video_game: Customizable Journey:

  • Fine-tune every aspect for a unique gameplay experience.

:tv: Intuitive Interfaces:

  • Interactive, informative and responsive User interfaces.

:house: Diverse Environments:

  • Explore a variety of pre-configured locations and settings out of the box.

:link: Seamless Integration:

  • Benefit from compatibility with numerous third-party scripts via our bridge library.

:kimono: Uniforms

  • Configurable job uniforms both for males and females.

:movie_camera: Sneak Peek

:credit_card: Purchase

Available now at PEUREN TEBEX STORE for just 25€ (+ fees).

PeuRen Development: Creating immersive experiences for you and your players
Code Access: Partially Available (Source Access version available)
Subscription: No
Content: Over 2k Lines + Custom Configurations
Requirements: peuren_lib
Customer Support: Premium Assistance Included

Looks really good, well done ^^

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