[Paid] Advanced Elevator Creator [ESX/QB/QBOX]

Introducing system that allow dynamic creation of multiple elevators on a live server!


  • Admin Panel - admin groups access only.
  • Create Elevator:
    • Elevator name - elevator name is required and elevators can’t be created without elevator name (minimum characters: 4, maximum characters: 20)
    • Number of floors - devleopers/server owners can simply setup minimum and maximum amount of floors in config.
    • Jobs restriction - developers/server owners can choose jobs that will have access to the elevator…
    • Passcode - checkbox, if true you will be asked for the passcode
    • Creating Floors:
      • Simple selection of locations for each floor.
      • Unique name for each elevator floor.
      • Cancel creating elevator at any time.
  • Delete Elevator:
    • Delete by elevator’s ID - you can simply delete elevator by inputing it’s ID. You can see elevators IDs in the “Elevators List” menu.
    • Delete closest elevator - this will search for closest distanced elevator and delete it permanently
    • Delete all elevators in radius - this will delete all elevators in the radius you input after the option is selected
    • Note that every deleted elevator is deleted permanently and cannot be restored until the database is backuped by the developer/server owner.
  • Elevators List menu:
    • Displayed elevator name & ID
    • Edit Elevator Name
    • Edit Passcode
    • Teleport to elevator - this will teleport you to elevator’s floor 1
    • Edit Floors - change specific floor location or delete it permanently
    • Edit Floors Names - change specific floor name
    • Add Floors - simply create new floors for selected elevator from “Elevators List”
    • Teleport To Floor - allows you to teleport selected floor from the new appearing menu
    • Update Access - update access (jobs restrictions) for selected elevator
    • Delete Elevator - this will delete elevator permanently - elevator’s data (floors, restrictions, name…) can’t be restored
  • Refresh all elevator’s data - this should usually be done when elevators are edited directly in the database so you don’t have to restart the script but just refresh data.
  • When going between floors players see Floor ID & Floor Name
  • Custom Text UI & Markers
  • Passcodes for elevators, admins can edit passcode for each elevator anytime.
  • Logs System

For better understanding of script, check Preview Video


  • S̶Q̶L̶ ̶I̶n̶s̶t̶a̶l̶l̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n- SQL tables are now automatically created, no need for manual setup anymore.
  • Accessible code

Worth mentioning

  • The script has been thoroughly tested with the latest versions of all the scripts listed in the requirements section. We can ensure that the script is compatible and functions as intended when using these up-to-date dependencies. However, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of the script with older versions of the required scripts. It is highly recommended to use the specified latest versions to ensure the best performance and compatibility.


Code is accessible Partly
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1500
Requirements oxmysql, ox_lib, esx/qb
Support Yes

Looks good. Defo need a newer elevator system to try.


Looks cool


  • SQL tables are now automatically created, no need for manual setup anymore.
  • Added an option to allow “specific jobs” to use weapons in safe zones.
  • “Specific Jobs” can be configured live on the server for any safe zone at any time.
  • SQL tables are now automatically created, no need for manual setup anymore
  • Custom Text UI (client/editable.lua)
  • Markers are now editable (client/editable.lua)
  • Jobs no longer need to be setuped in the config; all jobs from the framework are now automatically added to the table when choosing allowed jobs
  • Passcodes for elevators, admins can edit passcode for each elevator anytime
  • Improved code for updating job access when editing elevators, simplifying usage
  • Added version check
  • Code more optimized