[PAID/$13] Phone Tracking Concept

CodeXive Phone Track

Adds a spicy concept to your roleplay servers, Tracks a phone using its number, it disconnects the tracking if the player holding the phone throws it away.

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  • Framework: ESX, switching to any other framework only requires a few minutes, we’ll be providing support for it if needed.

  • Setup: Script is drag and drop with optional configuration.

  • Features:
    Can be used for a specific job
    Checks for Phone Item





Note: UI is written in angular and compiled but the source code of the UI is included in the downloaded zip file.


bruh, literliy made same thing the same idea. @NevoG posted it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What are the features the person being tracked can do to remove the tracker?

If the person being tracked throws his phone, he won’t be tracked anymore.

In the configuration file, the cooldown can be set that is the amount of time for which the blip is visible. Also, the refresh rate can be set, which is the time after which the blip’s location gets updated.

So, if the refresh rate is equal to cooldown time, then you will see the blip only once till the cooldown time ends.

The refresh rate is added to create realism. In other words, if you set cooldown = 20 and refresh rate = 2. Then, you will see the blip for 20 seconds on your map and it will get updated after every 2 seconds.
Or you can set both to 20 seconds, then the blip will be shown for 20 seconds and will not get updated.