[PAID - $10][Stand-Alone] Cobra Blackout

:crescent_moon::zap: Introducing Cobra-Blackout - Realistic Passout System for RedM! :zap::crescent_moon:

Say goodbye to bunny-hopping and hello to immersive realism with Cobra-Blackout!

:zap:Here’s why Cobra-Blackout is a must-have:zap:

  1. Passout Mechanics: Players now have a chance to pass out when their stamina reaches a critical red core. This adds a thrilling element of unpredictability to your gameplay.
  2. Realism and Immersion: Triggered passouts aren’t immediate; players will experience a period of feeling unwell before eventually ragdolling. It’s a more immersive way to simulate exhaustion.
  3. Discord Logs: Cobra-Blackout sends Discord logs every time someone passes out, providing server administrators with valuable information.
  4. Configurable Chance: Tailor your server’s experience with a configurable chance of passing out when stamina is critically low. Adjust it to fit your preferred level of challenge.
  5. Sedative Gun for Police: Police roleplay becomes more captivating with the revamped sedative gun (Varmint Gun + Sedative Ammo). Drain players’ stamina to capture them alive, all without causing damage.
  6. Non-Lethal Approach: The modified Varmint Gun + Sedative Ammo no longer inflicts damage but only drains stamina when players are shot. It’s the perfect tool for capturing suspects without harming them.
  7. Configurable Screen Effects: Customize the screen effects that accompany passing out, enhancing the immersive quality of the experience.
  8. Framework Compatibility: Cobra-Blackout is designed to be versatile and can seamlessly integrate with any roleplay framework you use.
  9. Fully Translatable: Thanks to the included language file, Cobra-Blackout is fully translatable, making it accessible to players from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Cobra-Blackout adds depth and excitement to your RedM server by introducing a realistic passout system.

Experience the thrill of unpredictability, immersive roleplay interactions, and enhanced law enforcement scenarios.

Buy now for 10$ : [Click Here]


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200+
Requirements A RedM Server
Support Basic Support Included
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