[PAID/$1] [QB/ESX] TebIT: Persistent Vehicles


Persistent Vehicles

Persistent Vehicles is a simple resource to handle vehicle spawning (relatively efficiently) within your server. This resource is a dependency for current and future TebIT resources.


Proper documentation and usage information can be found on our wiki.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200+
Requirements ti_utils
Support Yes
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Does this support trailers?

Sure, it should support any vehicle theoretically.

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awesome used another for some time and had issues with trailers, ill give this a try! appreciate the reply!

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I bought your script qbcore can’t be used

Hi there,

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “can’t be used”?

This resource was tested on QBCore thoroughly, and the product video for ti_garages was created using this resource. The preview video for that product was made on QBCore framework.

When I have completed the installation and started successfully, I use the qbcore garage. Whether I exit the server and re-enter or restart the server, the car still disappears and is not in the original.


You will need to trigger the appropriate events on vehicle spawn/despawn for persistence to work.
Check out the wiki for documentation.

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hey, is it possible to buy the sourcecode of this resource?