pΛ problem running

help me to run Five Reborn in Windows 10

I can not running FiveReborn in win10 help me guys

Don’t run it in elevated privileges?

also please call it pΛ not P^

Where I run:neutral_face:

Are you running the FiveReborn.exe in compatibility mode?

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No i run FiveReborn.exe as run as admins

FiveReborn.exe More than once Will not run

Don’t run it in admin mode

I run FiveReborn.exe normally. ok
FiveReborn.exe More than once Will not run
Have to run this program The computer must be restarted

What an application needs to run FiveReborn.exe

I was the same problem and I runned as admins. so without admin mode i get sucess. TNKS bro

i still have the problem