pΛ has stopped working/fatal error

Hello Fivereborn team, I spent all day yesterday trying to load FiveReborn with repeated P/\ has stopped working and eventually managed to get into the server.

This afternoon I have tried again and once again I am faced with P/\ has stopped working/fatal error or I am getting an error R* Downloader Thread error.

**GTA V version: Steam

Up to date: Yes

Legit or Pirate copy: Legit

Steam/CD/Social Club: Steam

Windows version:8.1

Error screenshot:

GTA V folder screenshot

GTA V/update/x64/dlcpacks screenshot

Filepath to FiveReborn folder:

C:\Users\ipswichnick\Desktop\GTA V Mods\Fivereborn

FiveReborn client folder screenshot

Screen shot of CitizenFX.log:

.dmp files** (cant’t find this)

Steps I have taken so far:

1.Tried running FiveReborn.exe with all antivirus switched off (windows defender and windows firewall)
2.Set an exemption with windows defender to the whole of the FiveReborn folder
3.Opted out of Beta’s in Steam
4.Tried running fivereborn.exe out of steam (visa versa).
5.Run fivereborn.exe with normal privileges not elevated (Admin).
6.Provided details of my rockstar account when the splash screen came up during my many attempts to run FiveReborn.
7.Installed fivereborn using Albo1125 set of tutorials on youtube.

I would welcome any help on this,
Kind Regards Nick

Sorry forgot to attach the full log:CitizenFX.log (111.6 KB)

Done a complete reinstall with the new client update (8th Feb) and clean GTA V. launched fivereborn.exe and thought my luck was in when it seemed to load but alas no, I now have an error saying “ERR_MEM_EMBEDEDALLOC_ALLOC”. I closed the application tried to reload fivereborn.exe and back to P/\ has stopped working/fatal error.

CitizenFX.log (125.2 KB)

DMP Files

Regards Nick

What do you mean with clear gta v?

Thanks for getting back to me. I made a clean copy of my Steam GTA V folder as instructed in Albo’s youtube tutorials.
I reinstalled the five reborn client to a seperate folder on my desktop and pointed the install to the newly created GTA V folder.

Can you link the tutorial?
Beacuse my game crach when i start it

I still can’t use fivereborn, hopefully you will have more luck

win I click on five m they tell my five m fatal error and I go to grand theft outo I refrech it again and also they tell me five m fatal error help my pleseeeeeeeeeeee