OX Inventory Redesigned by JGUsman

in the scss file

Yes but when I move it it also moves the Kg

how to disable hotbar?

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on the right inventory how can i make that the weird " ’ " symbol isnt there it the grid is alligned with the left side like when there is the text “Drop 423442” its perfect but without drops its not perfect can i make there a text like "Drop " without numbers?

nem segitek old meg

Hi you don’t just have the web folder

I can’t remove objects from inventory to the ground, only for vehicles and trash cans

can someone help me with this?

Update your ox investory.

Is there a video tutorial

[ script:ox_inventory] https://overextended.github.io/docs/ox_inventory/
[ script:ox_inventory] > fn (@ox_inventory/init.lua:112)
[ script:ox_inventory] SCRIPT ERROR: UI has not been built, refer to the documentation or download a release build.

How to get fix pleas

Great UI, does it support the latest ox inventory?

“UI has not been built, refer to the documentation or download a release build.”
Dead brain

nop it does not
but you can use the new design i made recently for ox inventory

so all server owners have node installed and know how to build something in react and most server owners do copy and paste resources in there server what else would they do stare at it :joy:

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its a free resource they can atleast follow a simple guide or watch a video to run the resource

can you make a tutorial video, how we install?

Looks very good. Replace the web folder in your ox inventory and follow the official guide how to build.

Works perfectly with the latest ox_inventory

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Hello can someone upload a working version like copy paste ^^ or just the files with the designe. I dont get it… if i overwrite my ox inventory i just get hole of errors xD

If anyone is looking for a built version of this please feel free to download from my Google Drive :slight_smile: Ive added inventory images to. All credits for the inventory go to overextended they are the origional creators of the inventory and for the Redesign all credits go to JGUsman. All i did was build it and add inventory images for thoes who want to just drag and drop and play instantly.